Les Mis and RGIII

I’m having the best day of vacation so far! The day started out going to see Les Mis. Michelle and I shed quite a few tears at the movie. Sandi and Javier mostly kept theirs contained. At 10 and 11, I was surprised the girls understood the movie as well as they did!

Tonight was the highlight of Javier’s entire decade (For his sports fanatic side anyway). After 13 years of being a loyal Redskins fan, they beat the dreaded Cowboys! Off to the playoffs they go! Congratulations honey!!!!

Yesterday, Javier took Tessa home and built her desk for her. While he was gone, the girls and I went to Pots and Palettes in old town to paint some pottery. The girls made statues of fairies and I made a pencil holder. It was a lot of fun. The girls and I ended our girls day out with dinner at Vinnys on Route 17. Misha said the chicken parm was the best she ever had.
pots and pallettes

It was not long after we got home that Javier returned home too. We all played Blokus. It was a good time!


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