Graduated from elementary school… check

So proud of her certificate!

So proud of her certificate!

The Ceremony

Our youngest daughter had her elementary school graduation today. I thought I would cry, but surprised myself. I was not sad at all. I was just proud of all her accomplishments in school. She walked up to get her diploma with the lady-like fashion of a runway model!

One proud Daddy!

One proud Daddy!

Her accomplishments were many. I wish I had that kind of moxie in elementary school! She was the Weather Girl for her school’s television station, student council representative for her class, had her artwork displayed in the School Board office, was in a Math Club and chorus. I could not be prouder of her for her accomplishments!

The Celebration!

Photos with friends!

Photos with friends!

After the ceremony, we went back to her classroom for celebration.

They had cake, punch, and water.  The kids were given their actual certificates.  They were given time to get photos with their friends and teachers.

Flowers from Daddy!

Flowers from Daddy!

Daddy’s Surprise!

When we got back to the house, Daddy surprised her with a beautiful bunch of flowers.  She was so excited and Daddy was just beaming that he brought that joy to her face.  (I have to be honest, he got each of us a bunch of flowers, but hers were the flashiest)

Girlie Time!

After that, we had some girlie time.  Her older sister came home from school, she is going into 7th grade!  My youngest’s big gift was getting her ears pierced.  She was really brave… until they started marking her ears.  You can see the change in her expressions as the time got closer for the actual piercing to take place.  She did shed a few tears, but within 15 minutes, she was telling me, “Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore!”


I am so excited! Is it going to hurt?
Only like a pinch, honey…


How bad is it going to hurt, Mom? Do I really want to do this? Yes, I do, but I am scared!


Mom, that REALLY HURT! Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be like a really hard pinch? It was like getting a shot in the ears!

It doesn't hurt anymore!

Our happy little graduate
with beautiful,
pink hearts in her ears!

So, it was a big day for our family.  I am so proud!

Go honey, always follow your heart and follow your passions in life!

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