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Locks of Love 12/26/2012

My youngest daughter decided two years ago that she wanted to grow her hair to donate to Locks of Love.  For two years she would not let me so much as get her hair trimmed.  We measured her hair every month for the past six months to see if her hair was long enough.  Two days before Christmas, we measured and finally the time was right.  She was so tired of the tangles and maintenance of her long hair.  We made an appointment for the day after Christmas.  I told her that because she was so sweet, I was treating her to golden highlights in her hair too.  She was so happy that her hair was going to help someone who was sick and didnt have any hair.

I am so proud of my little honey who is so caring and thoughtful.  Here are some pics from before, during, and after her haircut!



After, look at how gorgeous she looks!


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