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The Perfect Bathroom Mirror!

I ran to Lowes after work to get some more ceiling paint (I have lost my knack at cutting in the paint free-handed – I found out the hard way),  I have to touch up the ceiling.  I was also looking for the perfect mirror to replace the one that got broken last night.  I found one already framed for a little less than $100!  Yeah!  Buy that puppy!  And buy it I did.  I left the store and it was pouring down rain.  Not to be deterred, I took the flat-bed cart with my purchases out to my car.  I had to lower the back seats to get the mirror in my tiny little Prius.  But, it fit fine.  Now I am soaking wet. LOL

So, I get home and we very carefully unpack it and remove all the staples.  I let out a sigh of relief as I found the mirror arrived to my home in tact!  We took the mirror into the powder room to see how it was going to look.  It was the perfect dimension for the wall and looked AMAZING.  Well, all except for one thing.  When the shades are on the light fixture, the shade touches the polystyrene frame (IE plastic).  The melting point of polystyrene is 360 degrees.  An incandescent light bulb can heat up to 500 degrees!  OH NO!!! That is not going to work.  The frame is very dimensional and sticks out pretty far from the wall, which by the way is why it looked so incredible!

So, we are now looking for LED lights that go into a standard socket since they do not burn hot.  The other alternative is to install the new mirror in our master bathroom (which will mean we will have to buy two of them).  Also, I am not sure they are going to go with what I have in mind for the master bathroom.  Currently, the master bath is white on white.  I want to changed to wall color to grey.  I would paint the trim and cabinets bright white and leave the white tiles.  I was also planning on doing an accent wall with metallic silver and gold horizontal stripes.  Yes, I am already planning the next bathroom.  I know, I know, you think I am a glutton for punishment.

But, let’s not forget… the only reason I finally did the powder room, which I have been thinking about for a couple of years, is because the toilet would not stop running!


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All because the toilet wouldn’t stop running

Our powder room toilet would not stop running.  Eh Gads!  When the water bill came, it was over 100% of our normal water bill.  Ever the lazy homeowner, we didn’t do anything about it the first month.  When the next water bill came, it was again over 100% of the normal water bill.  So, I told DH that it was time to change the innards of the toilet and stop the running.  He has never done this before.  So, where do you go to learn how to do it… YOU TUBE!!!

When I saw that you had to remove the entire toilet tank to replace all the inner workings of the toilet, I thought, well, I have wanted to paint the horribly mossy green powder room for some time, guess  it is the right time now.

So, this morning, my DD and I went to Lowes to pick up some paint.  A nice color called Cafe from Valspar.  I was worried that it would translate to off-white on the walls.  My DH took apart the toilet and we removed everything from the powder room and proceeded to paint.  Since they painted the ceiling above the sink the horrible green color, we had to paint the entire ceiling so the two whites would match.

I painted the walls behind and beside the toilet the Cafe color since the priority is to get the toilet, mirror, and new light fixture in tonight.  We decided to use the beige color from the kitchen as an accent wall (the wall with the mirror and light). I just got done painting that wall also.

The big wall on the left and the wall next to the mirror wall will get done tomorrow night.  I will also need to touch up the ceiling since my freehand “cutting in” has not been utilized in 7 years (I was out of practice).  Here is how it looks before and during.





Well, we just had a little mishap.  While re-installing the mirror, it dropped down on one side and broke.  I guess instead of buying framing for the existing tacky mirror.  We will be buying a new framed mirror.

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