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Happy 2013

Well, let’s see… I tried to get everyone to take down the Christmas decorations, but hubby said the trash pickup will not come on time, so we need to wait. Our trash is totally overflowing at this point. I guess the downside of on-line Christmas shopping is the overflow of recycling from all the boxes.

We did get the house relatively clean, dustbunnies and fingerprints are still in tact though. To me, clean is everything picked up. My expectations are very low. I did get the scrapbook room cleaned. Even managed to put away some eyelets I bought at a craft resale.

I wanted to make the calendars, so I started consolidating all the pics from all the computers. There has to be a better way. If anyone knows of a better way to keep multiple copies of your pics so you dont lose them should there be an issue with your computer/network. And still maintain the ability to add new pics, please let me know. It took me over 8 hours yesterday consolidating photos. I am not done yet! Oh no, more consolidating today.

Never did make the wonderful dinner, we had leftover ham sandwiches. Never made the key lime ball, nor the seafood dip. Hoping to make the dip today for everyone to enjoy. We did play games together, clean together, eat our sandwiches together, enjoy ringing in 2013 together! It was all good.

Am I a slacker or maybe I set my expectations of myself too high, so it seems like I am slacking when really I accomplished quite a bit yesterday? HMMM… something to ponder as I scrapbook today!

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